Our Vision

At the Pointe, we are not committed to a program or to a certain philosophy; we are committed to a common vision- a vision about what it means to be the church. The church is not a building, a program, a social club, a service provider, or a charity. The church is the people of God on mission for God in the world. We do not “go” to the church; we “are” the church! The church does not exist “for Christians”, but “as Christians.” We ARE the church and we are here for the world.

In other words, the church exists for the “unchurched”. It may sound cliché, but the goal of The Pointe is to point people to God. Our vision is to see people far from God filled with life in Jesus. We are committed to being a voice of hope in the world. We will invest our lives in helping people move from where they are, to where God wants them to be- one step closer to Him.