Our Values

As we worship, love, and serve God together, four common characteristics begin to emerge among those committed to Jesus. We uphold these four values as indicators of God’s Spirit at work in our lives and the depth of our love for Him. True followers of Jesus, through God’s grace, will exhibit and be committed to the four values of Knowing, Growing, Showing, and Going:

Knowing- A commitment to Christian Identity

Exalting the Father- a disciple lives a lifestyle that points people to their father in heaven

Behaving like Jesus- a disciple takes on the character and conduct of Jesus

Growing- A commitment to Christian Maturity

Growing in faith- a disciple is going deeper in the Word and prayer

Managing life’s resources- a disciple honors God with time, treasure, talent, & temple

 Showing- A commitment to Christian Community

Belonging to a small group- a disciple lives life in the context of a small, biblical community

Serving Other’s needs- a disciple is an agent of care and service to others in the church

Going- A commitment to Christian Ministry

Sharing God’s Message- a disciple tells others about salvation

Reproducing- a disciple personally develops other disciples through intentional relationships