Our Systems

The specific ministry initiatives that The Pointe Church will utilize in order to reach these goals.

Knowing- A commitment to Christian Identity

Exalting the Father- a disciple lives a lifestyle that points people to their father in heaven

Behaving like Jesus- a disciple takes on the character and conduct of Jesus

  • Worship Services
  • Prayer Ministry
  • Bible Reading Challenge
  • Communion
  • Baptism
  • Married Life Live

 Growing- A commitment to Christian Maturity

Growing in faith- a disciple is going deeper in the Word and prayer

Managing life’s resources- a disciple honors God with time, treasure, talent, & temple 

  • Recovery/Support Groups
  • Starting Pointe
  • Impact Groups
  • Church Membership
  • Life Classes
  • Next Level Leaders

 Showing- A commitment to Christian Community

Belonging to a small group- a disciple lives life in the context of a small, biblical community

Serving Other’s needs- a disciple is an agent of care and service to others in the church 

  • Newcomer Lunch
  • Interest Groups- Golf, Guns, ATV, Fishing, Scrapbook, Quilting, Book Group,
  • Connection Groups
  • Connection Events- Stone Mountain, Picnic, Braves Game, …

 Going- A commitment to Christian Ministry

Sharing God’s Message- a disciple tells others about salvation

Reproducing- a disciple personally develops other disciples through intentional relationships 

  • Church Teams
  • Team Time
  • Community Outreach Events
  • Outreach/marketing- Invite Cards, Social Media, Branding Products…
  • Leaders of: Impact, Church Teams, Connection Groups, Interest Groups, etc.

Teams:  Children, Students, Stewardship, Admin, Marketing, A/V, Photo, Video, Host Team, Web, Media, Next Step, Follow-Up, Benevolence, Hospitality, Wellness, Worship, …

Local Outreach:  Coke & Popcorn, Parent’s Night Out, Married Life, Fall Festival, Outdoor Movie Night, Servant Evangelism Projects, Christmas Celebration, …

Acts 1:8 Missions:   Bethesda Clinic, Cher. Co. Jail, City of Holly Springs, Crossroads School, Code 4, Feed My Lambs,

One Adoption, North Central Missions, Pastor’s Roundtable, Wellstar Nursing, …

Carnell & Barbara Thomas- Faithful Friend Church, Vines City; Georgia Baptist Convention;

Ray & Patty Brim, Denver; Chad & Melinda Freeman, Taiwan; Taylor Fletcher, Kenya (2013)