You’ve made your commitment through Baptism!

“What’s Next??”

Baptism is a moment to be treasured. It is a cause for celebration!

But, much like a wedding day… when it has come and passed, you may be left asking, “What should I do now?”

Get Involved.

There are many volunteer opportunities to strengthen your connection to the church – the people who serve Christ. You can join a weekly connection group, offer to provide time or talents to maintain the church’s needs, or generate ideas for the next community outreach. Your level of involvement is entirely on what you feel comfortable doing. Just remember – we are happiest when we are serving others for God, so just start somewhere!

Get in the Word.

There’s no better place to be than surrounded by God’s wisdom. Show your dedication by starting a Bible study. You don’t have to read the Bible from cover to cover this week – just pick somewhere to start. A great place is by reading Acts or meditating on one Proverb chapter each day for one month.

Fun Fact – The word Proverb is closely related to the Herbrew word “mashal.” It’s roots mean “to be like” or “parable.” Inside this book, you will find many phrases that tell what life is like for all people. It is packed with wisdom and a few brain teasers too.

Up your Prayer Skills.

Prayers are deeply connected to our relationship and walk in faith. Even though we can be practicing them daily, we can always grow. Take a peek at these methods to see if this is an area you can strengthen at this time in your journey.

1 – Write them down. Keep a prayer journal or notebook where you can jot down thoughts and people to keep in mind.

2 – Use a prayer challenge. If you are a competitive person, challenge yourself to include prayer at mealtimes, immediately up waking and bedtime routines, or every time you get in your car. The more you pray, the more it will become a natural part of your daily life.

3 – Daily quiet time. If you have committed to a Bible study or not, take 5 minutes at the same time every day to sit in solitude and speak with God. You can unload all your worries and even read/ponder other’s prayers suggested for you.

Check out this sample prayer from A Book of Prayers by Martin Manser,

“Lord, it looks as if today will be just another ordinary day… But Lord, I pray that you will break into the sheer ordinariness with your touch, your light, your life. Lord, surprise me with a fresh assurance of your presence even today. Sustain me in spirit. Renew within me a sense of life as an adventure with you, I pray. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Set Spiritual Goals.

Even though this is last on the list, is it certainly not the least important. Some people do really well with having the end goal in mind. If you have just been baptized, now is a time to consider where you want to be in the future. Make a list of what you feel are the top three goals in your faith. Then, give yourself a tentative deadline. Last, write out two ways to get there and at least one person or resource to seek in the beginning.

We know you will grow and go far! God has you in his hands.

Let us know your favorite activity after baptism!