Our Mission

In order to be successful, a team needs to know its goal. Each team member must understand what it means to win. They must know their purpose. The Pointe is no different. We have a purpose; the church has a mission to carry out.

Our mission is not simply to “make a difference”; our mission is to “make disciples”.

The Pointe Church exists to glorify God by guiding people to know Jesus and to make Jesus known through worship, love, and service.

To glorify God…

Our ministry is not “man-centered”, but “God-centered”.  Everything we do should point people to God – it all begins and ends with Him. His glory is our chief concern and purpose.

By guiding people…

We can’t force people to follow Jesus- we can guide them as they seek Him. A good guide is experienced, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. A guide has been down the path before. The term implies relationship – the guide is on the journey with you.

To know Christ…

Only through faith in Jesus Christ can we have eternal life. Knowing someone is different from knowing “about” someone. To know someone means we have a relationship with that person.

and To make Christ known…

God saves us and then He sends us. We have the awesome privilege to proclaim His glory in word and in deed to everyone.

Through Worship, Love, and service!

These characterize our key relationships to God, to the church, and to the world. These represent the essential priorities of The Pointe Church and provide the framework for all that we do.

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