Whoo hoo! 2020 is now in the past! Excitement is beginning to set in for the year ahead. Whether you make resolutions or not, you must be thinking of how this year will be different from the last.

Read below for some great tips to start it off right & check out our end-of-year live stream for your gameplan:

You can download your own template here:

Tips for sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions:

Attach New to Old Habits

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When trying to establish a new habit, it is helpful to link it to one you currently practice. For example, if you want to budget better in 2021, set a habit of going over your finances each morning while enjoying your cup of coffee. This is known as “habit stacking” and it helps remind you to stay on schedule.

Start Small, Build Big

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Goals are hard. We can write them down all day, but putting them into practice? Much more difficult. Instead of setting general (large) end-game goals, try breaking them into smaller steps. For example, if your goal is to lose weight in 2021, try setting tentative timelines for:

  1. learning about nutrition
  2. making a food plan(s)
  3. sticking to weekly food prep
  4. building a workout schedule
  5. sticking to the workout schedule for 1 week, then 2 weeks, then 3, etc.
  6. finding a reward that increases your success toward your goal – instead of having junk food day, try a new class or buy a massage

These small components will be easier to master individually and get you much closer to your big goal.

Find Your Motivator

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What makes you tick? Each goal will be much more accessible when you find your motivation. For example, if you want to have better relationships in 2021, get a promotion at work, or set aside more “me time,” think about why you want those things. Print pictures of the people you care about, the things you’d buy with a raise, or the activities you’d enjoy with alone time and tape them somewhere you will see everyday. Your inspiration photos can be made into a collage or you can tape them throughout your home & car for multiple daily reminders.

Set Reminders

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Reminders can be visual or just set an alarm! If you want to get better with your nightly routine or beginning a daily Bible reading – use your alarms! Set them for at least two times each day. Why two? If you miss one, you’ll have a back up!

If you’re goal is to begin daily quiet time or a Bible study, you can find help here:

Give Yourself Some Grace

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Lastly, give yourself some grace. Beginning a new habit or changing an old one is hard! No one is perfect, so there are going to be fallbacks. Expect them, embrace them, and LEARN from them. Afterwards, get back on track and forget the setback. We are trying to improve, that’s what is important.

Looking for a challenge?

Try our 90-day challenge and watch blessings pour into your 2021!