New to Faith
I'm just curious or I'd like to know where to start.
Begin by learning about Jesus' love for you. The joy and peace that comes with God's love is only the beginning.
Visit on Sunday
I want to get in on the action.
Learn about weekly Worship and what to expect on your first visit.
Read the Bible
I want to dive deeper and begin to study God's word.
Reading is the best way to develop your relationship with God. Even if it's 15 minutes a day, you can get rooted & begin with these tips...
Get Connected
I want to explore fellowship and friendship.
Get the most out of your social side with weekly connection groups and monthly lunches.
I am ready to make my commitment to God known publicly.
What does it mean to be baptized? When am I ready for that? Why is it even important? If you have these questions, you're in the right place.
Submit A Need
I could use help with a prayer request or need.
Send us the details and we will be thrilled to help!
A Call to Lead
I want to know how I can volunteer or lead a ministry within the church.
Serving is the most rewarding experience and everyone has a talent to use! Learn more about the opportunities here.
Become A Member
I want The Pointe to be my home church.
We know we're awesome! You are too! It's a perfect match.
Ready for a Challenge?
I want to put Faith to the test.
Learn more about the 90-day challenge

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"Incredibly sincere, welcoming members seeking only to serve God and love others. I have never felt more at home!"



"Love my church family. Was invited by a friend and have finally found my home!



"I could not imagine not having this wonderful church to go to. There are genuine kind people there."

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It’s Time!

This Sunday, August 2nd, marks the beginning of the busiest time of the year for most people. With school beginning, and the Holidays coming faster (ahh!), we need to start off right! Let’s kick off Read more…

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